What are the energy ratings for double glazing ?

What are the energy ratings for double glazing?

The Windows energy rating system is rated from ‘A++’ For the very best, to ‘E’ for the very worst. New windows are required to meet building regulations, which have set ‘C’ as the minimum rating for new windows.

The energy rating system is run and controlled by the British Fenestration Rating Council commonly known as the ‘BFRC’.

Each new window should have a energy label attached and should mention the BFRC. This will shows that the window’s performance has been verified by the BFRC.

If you are contemplating energy savings then look to the Energy Savings Trust who can give guidance on savings made by energy efficient windows. For example the Energy Savings Trust estimate that A++ windows could save £120 per annum on energy bills and £100 per annum for C rated windows, this is for a detached house will all windows double glazed.

Some companies do offer double glazing that they claim exceeds heat retention tests. You will need to double check what these ratings are and ask for the test literature.


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