Double Glazing Sales Tactics

Double Glazing sales tactics, what to know and how to deal with them.

Firstly it is prudent to invite Double Glazing Companies into your home to measure and provide a free no obligation quotation. However it is not prudent to invite a Door Canvasser who has no appointment into your home. Be polite, accept any literature but don’t feel pressured to allowing them into your home.

Some of the sales tactics used to close the sale are as follows:

  • Today’s Special deal for today only:  The double glazing sales agent may well tell you that you can get a really good discount on the cost of supply and installation but that the offer is for today only, which means that you need to decide and commit today in order to benefit from the discount. This is a very common sales tactic and technique that you should avoid falling for. Always take time to consider the quotation and tell them you will think about it and come back to them
  • They need to speak with their manager: Many double glazing sales agents will make the homeowner think they are getting an extra special discount by telling them they are going to call their manager to try to negotiate them a deal. They will then make a call and come back with a discounted price that has been reluctantly agreed by the line manager. This is used to make you feel that they are your friend, that they are on your side and want to help you. Again, this is another common technique, again tell them you will think about it and come back to them.
  • Buy One, Get One Free: This is a technique used to make you feel that you are getting an incredible deal. However there is a chance that the company has inflated the price of the window you pay for in order to supply one free. Again look at the quote for the whole job and work out if it is actually a good deal. Again take time to think about it and work out benefits.

So the message is always take time to work out all the costs and benefits and make an informed decision.


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