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Dec 04
Safestyle Windows Goes Bankrupt

Safestyle UK: Nearly 700 jobs lost as glazing firm with huge Barnsley factory goes into administration. On Monday, October 30, 2023 it was confirmed that Safestyle Windows has ceased trading and been placed into administration. Safestyle UK is headquartered in Bradford but has a large manufacturing facility in Wombwell, Barnsley, and a network of 42 […]

Jan 24
Cost of living crisis affecting glazing industry.

Property maintenance solution provider, ‘Help me fix’, surveyed 3,700 homeowners to discover the real impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on homeowners. The survey shows that more than half of homeowners (52%) have halted their plans and also stated they will continue home improvement work but spend less by doing their own DIY tasks.  The […]

Nov 03
Picture Windows Guide

What is a Picture Window? Technically a picture window is simply a large window, normally without any openings, however some picture windows do have opening. Picture windows are normally made from one large glazed pane with minimal framing and are fixed. However some picture windows do have opening. Where should you place a Picture? Because […]

Oct 21
Roof Windows Guide

Are roof windows worth it? Roof skylights help rooms in homes and workspaces that have poor lighting. It lightens up dark spaces, especially those located in the middle of the building or without windows such as the bathrooms and stores. With a provision for natural lighting, it also cuts down on energy bills for electrical lighting. […]

Oct 21
Dormer Windows Guide

What is the purpose of a dormer window? A dormer window is a window that projects vertically from a sloped roof, rather than being set into the roof directly. It is commonly used to bring light into attics, generally upon finishing the attic as a living space. Do dormer windows need planning permission? If you want […]

Oct 15
Sealed Unit Double Glazing Facts

Is double glazing a sealed unit? The double glazed sealed unit is made up of two panes of glass. These panes make up a sealed unit with about 16mm-20mm between them. This gap is airtight and effectively makes the door or window insulated. This means that, based on its heat efficiency, the unit can reduce […]

Sep 02
Which Blinds To Choose For Your New Windows

Which Blinds to choose for your new windows for more privacy. Vertical blinds Vertical blinds are the opposite of Venetian blinds. Instead of having horizontal slats, there are going to be long vertical slats. Often, vertical blinds are made from different fabrics, which creates an airy and light feeling in a room. This is something […]

Sep 02
Home Interior Trends To Watch Out For

Home Interior Trends To Watch Out For. Recently we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of minimalism and eclectic. These trends have had a significant impact on home interior style & design, and we should see them continue to be popular. Here are some other home interior trends to watch out for in 2023 and […]

Apr 21
Inflation rises to 7% in April 2022, will this affect Double Glazing Costs?

UK inflation has risen to 7% – the highest rate it has been for 30 years. Surges in the price of fuel, energy and food are putting increasing pressure on household budgets. Why has inflation risen so much? Fuel costs are the biggest contributor – average petrol prices rose by 12.6p per litred between February and […]

Mar 29
Why Choose Black Casement Windows?

Black Casement Windows. Black is a strong yet contemporary colour for windows. That has a more classical tone compared to the darker grey shades like anthracite and slate grey and is far more contemporary than wood effect colours. There has been a large increase in recent years of the use of Black window frames and […]

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