Why choose black bay windows

Black Bay Windows

Black is a strong yet contemporary colour for windows. That has a more classical tone compared to the darker grey shades like anthracite and slate grey and is far more contemporary than wood effect colours.

There has been a large increase in recent years of the use of Black window frames and doors being used in properties. This doesn’t just apply to new builds but also as a choice for more traditional properties when upgrades and improvements have been made.

Why Choose Black Windows & Doors?

When you decide to choose Black for your new windows, doors, porch or conservatory you may be doing this for purely cosmetic and aesthetic reasons because you like the colour black. However, you will enjoy some other benefits from choosing Black for your new glazing home improvements.

Strong but classical

Black is a strong colour which will definitely fit in with any colour of brick or render. It is not too bright and will not diminish the impact of a new conservatory installation for example. It will really your new sleek installations. Giving your home a modern yet classic aesthetic that won’t diminish over time.

Low Maintenance 

Although it’s always a good idea to keep your windows and doors clean, Black frames do hide any dirt, so cleaning will only be occasionally required. This shade will benefit homeowners who have less time on their hands, allowing them more time doing the things they love. All RAL colours are guarantee not to fade, even after prolonged exposure to the elements, choosing Black offers the added bonus of disguising any small chips that will appear during your profiles lifetime.

Increased Property Value 

As most home improvements increase the value of a property, the added bonus with Black is their new popularity. So if you were ever thinking of selling your home this would be an added feature and could increase the value of your home. As Black is a strong yet classical shade, whatever your style, you will be able to match any interior design to your new windows and doors. Black complements all property styles, working great will exposed brickwork, traditional buildings and the more contemporary rendered properties.  Regardless of the style of your home, new profiles finished in Black will seamlessly fit with any existing architectural features, including period windows.

There are 4 types of black bay windows.

The Bay window has been around for hundreds of years and in that time they haven’t really changed. You could incorporate different styles of windows, you could change an angle and add a few extra superficial details. This would provide you with a wide variety of design options to fit your preferences. Even with all that design flexibility, there are really only four different types of bay windows:

1. Original Canted Bay Windows

Original Canted bay windows have the classic shape you would expect to see in a bay window. They have a flat front with angled sides and are only found on the first level of homes and buildings.

2. Box Bay Windows

Box bay windows are structurally the same as canted windows. The difference is that the flanking windows on the side meet the front window at a 90 degree angle, creating the shape of a box.

3. Oriel Windows

Oriel bay windows are the oldest form of bay windows, first popularized on mansions during the English Renaissance. They are built into the side of a home, never touching the ground, so they can be found on any story of a home or building. To provide structural support to an oriel window, there’s usually a decorative bracket or corbel of wood, stone, or masonry underneath the windows.

4. Circular Bay Windows

Circular bay windows are less common but they are distinct enough to have their own category. They are defined by larger panes of glass on the three sides of the bay and additional panes above the windows. Circle bay windows typically feature the most intricate moldings and ornamental details of any type of bay window.


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