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Mar 28
Why choose black bay windows

Black Bay Windows Black is a strong yet contemporary colour for windows. That has a more classical tone compared to the darker grey shades like anthracite and slate grey and is far more contemporary than wood effect colours. There has been a large increase in recent years of the use of Black window frames and […]

Mar 15
Who Are The Best Double Glazing Companies?

Best Double Glazing Companies Top Double Glazing Companies in the UK Who are the best double glazing companies in the UK is actually a difficult question to answer as the only real metrics are based upon the Top 5 Companies based upon size of company, turnover of company, number of employees and the ratings for […]

Mar 11
What are the Best Double Glazed Windows?

It’s very important to get the best double glazed windows. Everybody wants the best for our own homes. We build relationships, families in our homes and spend so much time inside. The question is, exactly what are the “best” double glazed windows, and how will it impact your home improvement project? The best is actually […]

Mar 02
What are Georgian Windows?

Georgian Windows are recognised by their distinctive grid of bars. This feature actually only exists today because glaziers historically could not make large panes of glass, so had to make small panes and tie them together with vertical and horizontal bars. Originally Georgian Window frames and bars were made from timber but today they are […]

Mar 01
What are the benefits of Sash Windows?

There are 2 main benefits of Sash Windows. Firstly they are aesthetically pleasing particularly for older properties. A lot of Georgian and Victorian properties were built with sash windows so keeping with tradition and replacing sash windows with new sash windows is quite important. Secondly the other benefit is better ventilation. Because sliding sash windows […]

Mar 01
What are Sash Windows?

Sash windows don’t open on a hinge. They are vertically opening windows generally associated with traditional and older properties. A sash window consists of two framed windows  – one is positioned in front of the other. This is more generally referred to as a sliding sash window. These windows units sit in frames with vertical grooves that […]

Feb 22
What is an Edwardian Window?

What is an Edwardian Window? An Edwardian Window a is actually a combination of a Georgian Window and a Sash Window. The window is split into two sections. The first section, the lower section is a vertically sliding sash window. The second section, the top section is made of small panes of glass similar to […]

Feb 14
Types of Bay Windows

There are 4 types of bay windows. The Bay window has been around for hundreds of years and in that time they haven’t really changed. You could incorporate different styles of windows, you could change an angle and add a few extra superficial details. This would provide you with a wide variety of design options […]

Feb 11
Double Glazing Sales Tactics

Double Glazing sales tactics, what to know and how to deal with them. Firstly it is prudent to invite Double Glazing Companies into your home to measure and provide a free no obligation quotation. However it is not prudent to invite a Door Canvasser who has no appointment into your home. Be polite, accept any […]

Feb 08
What are the energy ratings for double glazing ?

What are the energy ratings for double glazing? The Windows energy rating system is rated from ‘A++’ For the very best, to ‘E’ for the very worst. New windows are required to meet building regulations, which have set ‘C’ as the minimum rating for new windows. The energy rating system is run and controlled by […]

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