Picture Windows Guide

What is a Picture Window?

Technically a picture window is simply a large window, normally without any openings, however some picture windows do have opening. Picture windows are normally made from one large glazed pane with minimal framing and are fixed. However some picture windows do have opening.

Where should you place a Picture?

Because they are minimal in design, picture windows will suit both a traditional and contemporary home. For obvious reasons they are traditionally used in countryside or coastal environments in order to where maximise the views.

In any home with great views, a picture window can be used anywhere, from a bedroom to living room or even a kitchen. In urban areas, picture windows are more commonly used for open plan spaces and kitchens, providing a view out into the garden and helping to draw natural light into home.

How Much Does a Picture Window Typically Cost?

Typically a fixed frame picture window would cost from around £62500 (ex VAT) per square metre on a fitted price, however the size, frame type, any opening and glass specification will affect this. This is just a guide price and would definitely vary depending on location, building structure and fixing details. 

So How Energy Efficient are Picture Windows?

You may think that because picture windows are normally a large expanse of glass, that they wouldn’t be energy efficient. However they actually are energy efficient just by their design with impressive U values because they are fixed and sealed within the frame. This will of course depend on the glazing specification used.

A picture window is a clever way to create a connection between the indoors and outdoors of your property. Certainly in modern self builds, renovations and extensions, picture windows have become a popular addition, helping to deliver those wow-factor moments that really make a home feel special. 


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