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What is the difference between a Bay window and a Bow window installation / replacement and what is the cost?

Our Bay Window installation / replacement guide will help you with these questions and many more.

What is a bow window installation / replacement?

A bow window, a form of bay window, projects outward from a building’s outside walls and shapes a curved alcove inside the space from which it extends. Bow windows are a distinctive architectural element that give a building individuality on the inside and out and enable expansive vistas from the inside.

In contrast to a canted bay window, which has sides slanted at 45 degrees for a more box-like design, bow windows often consist of four to six windows placed at gentle angles to produce a curving shape. Bow windows can, however, be configured differently depending on the architectural design choices made, such as adding more window panes to create a smoother curve. 

Bow Window vs Bay Window installation / replacement?

Although bay and bow windows both project outward from a building’s main wall, expand space, and let light into a room, they might differ in the following ways:

widths: A bay window, which often has three glass panels, might provide wider window widths, however a bow window’s curvy design and use of numerous smaller glass panes may restrict the maximum window width.
Bow windows normally have four to six sashes per panel, however this number can go much higher. A bay window design, however, is often limited to three to four window sashes.

Bay windows create a more angular or rectangular projection with a geometric look, whilst bow windows create a more rounded appearance with a continuous curved-shaped projection. Bay windows also differ in shape from bow windows.
Gained interior space: Bay and bow windows offer different amounts of usable space inside. Due to their sharp angles, bay windows produce an interior area that is more useful. Bow windows, on the other hand, frequently offer a shallower curved interior area, which can give breakfast nooks or window seats a comforting vibe.
Which has a lower cost, a bow window or a bay window installation / replacement?

The installation / replacement cost can be a key consideration when choosing between a bay and bow window. Before choosing a window type, it’s important to weigh the cost even though each style has its own advantages.

The size, kind of material, and difficulty of installation are a few of the variables that affect the price of bay windows. Our market research indicates that the typical cost of a bay window installation / replacement in the UK is between £1,200 and £3,800, with additional costs for customization options.

However, a bow window installation / replacement cost is normally between £1,300 and £3,995 per window, which is more expensive than a bay window.


Bow windows typically require more intricate building and installation procedures because of their curved design and requirement for more individual window pieces. Compared to bay windows, this will probably result in a price increase.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the type of material chosen, the price of both bay and bow windows can vary greatly. For instance, uPVC bay windows cost less than those made of wood or aluminium. Energy-efficient windows can assist lower heating and cooling costs, so it’s crucial to take these savings into account as well.

Bow and Bay Window installation / replacement Styles.

Bow and bay windows can be found in a variety of forms and styles to complement any home’s appeal. The windows might be single-hung, double-hung, or fixed. Additionally, you may combine all three kinds! The following are some of the most popular bow window designs:

Curved bay and bow windows

The curving bay or bow windows is one of the most well-liked bow window designs. Many traditional homes will look great with the exquisite, timeless aspect that the curved shape creates. Curved bay windows are ideal for living rooms and dining rooms because they offer a panoramic view of the outside.

Modern bow and bay windows
For those that want a more modern look, modern bow windows are a great option. Modern bow windows are perfect for contemporary homes because of their simple, clean lines. These windows can let in a lot of natural light and give a room a feeling of spaciousness.
Bow and Bay Window Materials.

Bow windows come in a variety of materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. The most typical materials used in bow windows are:

UPVC bow and bay windows

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, also known as uPVC, is a common material for bow windows. It is portable, simple to install, and needs little upkeep. uPVC is perfect for windows since it is strong and weatherproof.

Additionally, uPVC bow windows provide excellent insulation, which helps lower energy costs and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year round.

Bay and Bow windows made of aluminium

Another common material for bow windows is aluminium. It is robust, long-lasting, and corrosion- and rust-resistant. Bow windows made of aluminium are a great choice for modern homes since they look sleek and contemporary. Aluminium is also a highly recyclable material, making it a green option for homeowners who care about the environment.

Timber bow and bay windows

For bow windows, wood is a traditional and timeless material. It has a cosy, organic appearance that blends in with practically any house design. A variety of woods, like oak, mahogany, or cherry, each with a distinctive grain and colour, can be used to make wood bow windows.

Wood, however, needs more upkeep than uPVC or aluminium, and it may also be more prone to weathering, rotting, or warping.

Advantages of a Bow and Bay Window installation / replacement.

Due to their appealing style, adaptability, and capacity to let in natural light, bow windows are a preferred option among homeowners in the UK. Let’s look more closely:

1. Bow and bay windows are made to stretch outward from the house, increasing the amount of natural light that enters the room. As a result, the area feels lighter and more pleasant, and the need for artificial lighting is diminished, which lowers energy costs.

2. Improved Views: Bow and bay windows provide a larger, more panoramic view of the outside due to their distinctive design. This may be especially useful if you wish to watch your children play in the garden or live in a location with picturesque landscape. 

3. extra Space: Bow and bay  windows can provide the impression of extra space, making a place feel bigger and more airy. This can be especially helpful in confined or compact spaces.

4. Enhanced Home Value: Bow and bay windows are a desirable feature that many prospective buyers find appealing, and they can raise the value of your home should you ever decide to sell.

Disadvantages of a Bow and bay Window installation.

Bow and bay windows’ negative aspects
However, there are a few drawbacks to installing new bow windows that you should be aware of as well:

1. Price:

Due to their distinctive shape and the materials needed to construct them, bow windows can be more expensive than other types of windows. In the long run, though, they might also raise the value of your house. 

2. Hefty Window:

A bow window is a hefty window that needs a strong foundation to support its weight. It is essential to confirm that your home’s foundation can support the weight of the bow window without creating any problems before installation.

3. Maintenance:

Because of their design and numerous panes, bow windows can be more challenging to keep and clean than conventional windows. It takes regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain them in good shape. 

How to acquire a bow or bay window 
When making any purchase, it is important to compare the installation / replacement cost, and purchasing a bay window is no different. You can locate the greatest offers and the most accurate price for your bow windows by comparing quotations, helping you to maximise your investment. Use our quote form to receive up to 3 quotes from local double glazing companies.




bay window installation costs

What varieties of bay windows are there?
In order to meet the architectural needs of the homeowner, bay windows can be produced in a variety of unique forms, with several size, angle, and window quantity configurations possible in a variety of materials and glazing types.
The following is a list of the most popular looks:
Canted bay window style
Bay box windows
Window with a bow
Bay window at a corner
The Oriel bay window
Canted Bay Windows
Traditional bay windows, sometimes referred to as canted bay windows, are a common feature of houses with Victorian and Edwardian architectural designs. With two smaller windows set at a 30- or 45-degree angle on either side of a huge central fixed window, this style extends beyond the front of the building.
The box bay window
Box bay windows produce a more contemporary aesthetic. Instead of the standard bay window’s two slanted side panels, a box bay window has a larger central window and two smaller windows on either side that are angled at 90 degrees to form a rectangular shape.
Bow window
Instead of the three sashes that are generally used in a regular or box bay window, a bow window typically has four or more. Due to the reduced angles at which these windows are attached, they have a more curved or bow-like appearance.
Bay window at a corner
The traditional design of a corner bay window is a larger central window flanked by two smaller side windows placed at 90-degree angles. It is located at the corner of a structure. Corner bay windows provide vistas of the surrounding area and let in more natural light.
The Oriel bay window
Oriel bay windows are supported by cantilever brackets or structures, which means that only the window protrudes from the property and the design does not extend to the ground, unlike most bay window styles where the window is attached to brickwork from the ground that matches the angles of the window.
What is a Bay Window?
A grouping of three or more separate window units is known as a bay window. A bay window provides a wall projection that can be stood in, giving the room a sophisticated appearance from the outside and a wonderful spot to sit and unwind within. Bay windows can be made from uPVC, wood, or double-glazed aluminium to match the design of any building.
Why choose a Bay Window?
Bay windows are the ideal place to unwind since they give you sweeping views of your outdoor area. Due to the additional panes, your home will feel larger and have more light, as well as adding a lovely element that adds individuality. A bay window may be a distinctive and motivational addition to your home because of the variety of material options and colours available.
Bay Window installation Benefits
Bay windows are normally made-to-measure, A+ rated, energy efficient and properly sized to accommodate your home while minimising heat loss. In order to retain more heat, normally spacers between panes are coated with a low-conduction substance and filled with argon gas. Additionally, bay windows normally include weather-resistant seals that form a tight fit to block draughts and aid in keeping your house warmer in the winter.
Bay Window Appearance
Beautiful Design for a Unique Look for Your Home
Bay windows are a fashionable addition that give a house flair. While timber bay windows are available in softwood and hardwood to offer your home charming character, uPVC bay windows come in a variety of hues to give your property a unique appeal. Aluminium bay windows give a room a more modern appearance and go well with the window’s design and shape.
Does a bay window installation / replacement cost more money?
The price is entirely determined by the aperture’s size and the number of windows needed to completely fill the space. Quality should be taken into account more because low-cost solutions with insufficient reinforcement or improper installation can lead to structural issues that eventually cause the window to warp, break, or even leak.
Do UK bay windows require planning permission?

Due to its protrusion from the house’s wall, bay windows differ slightly from regular windows. They are therefore treated as an extension for the purposes of obtaining a planning permission: You DO NOT need planning permission if you are replacing an existing bay window.

What is the average cost for a UPVC bay window installation / replacement?

Bay windows are another British classic style offering homeowner slightly extra living space with a wonderful vista to the outside world. These Bay windows are actually a formation of normally three, four, or five windows side by side which angle outwards and then back inwards.  

A White UPVC Bay Window Installation / replacement typically cost around:

(3 sections)

Size                                    Cost

2400mm x 1200mm   £1,195 – £1,295,

3000mm x 1200mm   £1,315 – £1,495,

3000mm x 1500mm   £1,475 – £1,595.

(4 sections)

3000mm x 1200mm   £1,495 – £1,695,

3000mm x 1500mm   £1,625 – £1,745,

3600mm x 1200mm   £1,695 – £1,865,

3600mm x 1500mm   £1,725 – £1,995.

(5 sections)

3600mm x 1200mm   £1,995 – £2,195,

3600mm x 1500mm   £2,095 – £2,295,

4000mm x 1200mm   £2,125 – £2,425,

4000mm x 1500mm   £2,295 – £2,495. 

Can you recommend any companies that can supply a Bay Window?

Yes our team have looked through local and regional reviews and have compiled a list of companies that supply bay and bow windows.

Our team have separated these glazing companies into regions:
Newlook Windows75a Wellsway, Bath, BA2 4RU01225
Crystal Clear Bristol24 Emery Rd, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5PF0117 9713
Shaws Of Brighton Ltd8-9 Centenary Industrial Estate, Hughes Road, Brighton, BN2 4AW0800 975
Canterbury WindowsUnit 4, Barton Business Park, Canterbury, England, CT1 3AA01227 767092enquiries@canterburywindowsystems.com
East Anglia:
ERG GlazingBull Lane, Cambridge, CB21 5NJ01223 902169
Ipswich Windows Ltd15 Acer Grove, Ipswich, suffolk, IP8 3RR1473689392halljason@sky.com
West Midlands:
Badger Windows LtdUnit 3, 1084 Pershore Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2YG0121 471
Dudley Double Glazing31 Taylor Way, Unit F, Dudley, West Midlands, DY8 1LT01384 686282info@dudleydoubleglazing.com
East Midlands:
Derby Double Glazing246 Osmaston Road Derby, DE23 8LB01332
Armour Windows17 Marshbrook Cl, Aldermans Green Industrial Estate, Coventry CV2 2NW024 7661
Lancashire Double Glazing213 Havelock St, Preston PR1 7NL01772
Double Glazing StockportSchool St, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 4RA0161 483 1997
Billingham Windows 18a Leeholme Road,01642
Leeholme Industrial Estate,
TS23 1AP
North East Windows & Doors 8 Silksworth lane0191 563
Yorkshire & Humberside:
Walkers Windows CompanyTrafalgar Mills, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD2 1YY01484 481 020 sales@walkerswindows.com
Harrogate Windows.Harrogate Business Centre, Hookstone Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8ER01423
Marches Windows33 Ddole Road Industrial Estate, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 6DF01597
Cardiff Windows & Doors Ltd.8 Field Way, Cardiff CF14 4HY029 2069 2690info@cardiffwindows.com
McGregor GlazingUnit 8 Links St, Aberdeen, AB11 5EX01224 455390 info@mcgregorglazing.com
New Look4D Garroch Business Park Garroch Loaning Dumfries DG2 8PN01387 248 568 newlook2@sky.com

Bay Window installation / replacement Cost.

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